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Rare woodcut map of Italy based on Coppo, Rosselli and Vavassori orientated with the south on right. From the famous Schwyzer Chronik by Johann Stumpf, the first atlas printed in Switzerland. Within a page of german text. Original colors.

  • :
  • Author: Johann Stumpf
  • Place of publication: Zurich
  • Dimension: 135 x 165 mm
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[Italia] Carta indicativa delle località nelle quali è in vendita l’impermeabile San Giorgio

Funny pictorial map showing regional costumes of Italy published by Impermeabili San Giorgio a raincoat factory in Genua. The author of the very decorative and uncommon map is Aldo Cicheri. Includes title cartouche with brand logo, decorated with large vessel and compass rose oriented with the north to upper margin. In the left panels with the address by regions where the raincoats were sold. Text and vignette illustrations on verso of map.

  • Author: Aldo Cigheri
  • Dimension: 60 x 40 cm.
  • Place of publication: Genoa
  • Year: 1949


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Carta Della Tripolitania – Algeria – Marocco e Teatro Della Guerra Italo-Turca

An important rare separate map showing northern Africa during the war between the Kingdom of Italy and the Ottoman Empire from September 29, 1911, to October 18, 1912. As a result of this conflict, Italy captured the Ottoman Tripolitania Vilayet (province), of which the main sub-provinces (sanjaks) were Fezzan, Cyrenaica, and Tripoli itself. These territories together formed what became known as Italian Libya. The Italo-Turkish War saw numerous military technological changes, notably the first use of the airplane for reconnaissance and bombing. Although minor, the war was a significant precursor of the First World War as it sparked nationalism in the Balkan states. Seeing how easily the Italians had defeated the weakened Ottomans, the members of the Balkan League attacked the Ottoman Empire starting the First Balkan War before the war with Italy had ended.
The interesting really detailed map by Arcangelo Ghisleri based on E. Heber published in Bergamo in 1911 shows also the entire Africa on the right and the Dodecanese and the Ottoman Empire inset on the left.

  • Author: Arcangelo Ghisleri
  • Dimension: 68 x 98 cm
  • Place of publication: Bergamo
  • Year: 1911


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Carta Regionale d’Italia

Divertente carta dell’Italia divisa in regioni rappresentate come figure antropomorfe vincitrice nel 1908 del concorso geografico del Giornalino della Domenica, deliziosa pubblicazione per fanciulli, di Luigi Bertelli.

Il giornalino della Domenica fu un settimanale creato il 24 giugno 1906 da Luigi Bertelli, alias Vamba, nome tratto da Ivanhoe.
Scrissero per il giornalino, oltre allo stesso Vamba, scrittori e scrittrici celebri quali: Edmondo de Amicis, Luigi Capuana, Grazia Deledda, Ada Negri, Emilio Salgari, Antonio Beltramelli, Luisa Macina Gervasio (nota come Luigi di San Giusto). Nel 1925, confluì nel Giornalino della Domenica, comparendovi come un inserto autonomo, la rivista Giro Giro Tondo, fondata nel 1921 da Antonio Beltramelli.
Le illustrazioni erano eseguite dai migliori disegnatori dell’epoca quali: Antonio Rubino, Giuseppe Biasi, Mario Mossa De Murtas, Filiberto Scarpelli, Umberto Brunelleschi, Marcello Dudovich, Sergio Tofano.
Dopo alterne vicende ed interruzioni cessa definitivamente le pubblicazioni nel 1927.

  • Author: Luigi Bertelli
  • Dimension: 36 x 27,5 cm
  • Place of publication: Florence
  • Year: 1908


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Gantz Italien nach der alten zeit

Map of Italy based on Cellarius from the uncommon “Fortsetzung der Algemeinen Welthistorie” byl Gebauer published in Halle in 1755. [cod.425/15]

  • Author: GEBAUER Johann Justus
  • Year: 1755
  • Dimension: 350 x 240 mm.
  • Place of publication: Halle


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Miniature map from “Neu aussgeffertigter kleiner Atlas” by J. Muller published in Franckfurt in 1702 at Johann Philip Andrea. Engraved with great care by G. Karsch e G. Bodeneher. Rare.

  • Author: MULLER Johann Ulrich
  • Year: 1702
  • Dimension: 70 x 80 mm
  • Place of publication: Frankfurt


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Engraved on copper by G. Porro from “Geografia di Tolomeo” published in Padua in 1621 by Galignani. Map is on a full sheet of Italian text. [cod.491/15]

  • Author: MAGINI Giovanni Antonio – TOLOMEO Claudio
  • Year: 1621
  • Dimension: 127 x 176 mm
  • Place of publication: Padova
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A particularly attractive pictorial map of Italy by anonymous author published in 1930 circa. This map extends from Bolzano to Rome and is covered with vignettes describing major towns and landmarks along the roads. Includes decorative cartouche, compass rose and inset lovely views illustrating the Milan Cathedral, San Marco in Venice and Piazza della Signoria in Florence. Uncommon.

  • Author: Anon.
  • Dimension: 24 x 34 cm
  • Year: 1930


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Italia Antiqua

Nice and detailed map from “Parallela geographica Italiae veteris et novae”, a rare work by Philip Briet published in Paris in 1649 at Sebastian Cramoisy. [cod.429/15]

  • Author: BRIET Philippe
  • Year: 1649
  • Dimension: 150 x 190 mm
  • Place of publication: Paris


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Italiae Antiquae Tabula

A very rare large map of ancient Italy by Giovanni Spinelli published in Milan in 1723. This is the first map of the peninsula based on De L’Isle printed in Italy. In the upper right the title “Italiae Antiquae Tabula Mediolani ex Typographia Soc. Palatinae MDCCXXIII” in a decorative cartouche with the roman gods of Saturn and Mercury. This important map was the model which the Venetian Angela Baroni, the first woman to engrave a map, for her version […]

  • Author: SPINELLI Giovanni Giacomo
  • Year: 1723
  • Dimension: 730 x 510 mm
  • Place of publication: Milan


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Italiae Veteris Specimen

Fine and early historical map of Italy based on classical sources and Gastaldi’s. From the 1624 final edition by Balthasar Moretus of the first historical atlas ever published. Ortelius?s Parergon began as a companion to his Theatrum but eventually it became an independent work. In fact, this collection of maps of the ancient world was so significant that it became the model for all historical atlases published throughout the seventeenth century. [cod.955/15]

  • Author: ORTELIUS Abraham
  • Year: 1624
  • Dimension: 346 x 483 mm
  • Place of publication: Antewerp


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Italie en Vespa

Non comune bella guida in francese edita dal Vespa club d’Italia per promuovere i viaggi nel Bel Paese e scoprirne le bellezze in Vespa. La divertente guida è corredata da 14 carte geografiche pittoriche disegnate dall’illustratore Nicouline che mostrano le regioni italiane con le loro peculiarità e luoghi da visitare. Le carte sono completate dalle tabelle con l’indicazione delle salite e le altitudini da raggiungere nei vari itinerari. Il testo prevede anche i luoghi tipici per le soste, i rifornimenti, le officine specializzate e i cartelli per una guida sicura in Italia.

  • Author: Vespa Club d'Italia
  • Dimension: 21,5 x 12 cm
  • Place of publication: Milan
  • Year: 1957


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Italie Gastronomique. Carte des Principales Spécialités Gastronomiques des Régions Italiennes

Striking Art Deco map of the culinary delights of Italy by Umberto Zimelli highlighting the food and wine found throughout Italy.

  • Author: Umberto Zimelli
  • Dimension: 66 x 48 cm
  • Place of publication: Rome
  • Year: 1931


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Italie Septentrionale

Detailed lovely map by Eduard Dumas-Vorzet showing north Italy inset environs of Milan from the famous Atlas Universel d’Histoire et de Geographie by Marie Nicolas Bouillet published in Paris in 1877.

  • Author: Eduard Dumas-Vorzet
  • Year: 1877
  • Place of publication: Paris
  • Dimension: 260 x 200 mm


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italien in seine underschiedene Laender…

Striking map of Italy by J.G. Schreibern, with decorative cartouche, compass rose and descriptive text in the right. Based on Blaeu’s map of Italy of 1635. From “Atlas Selectus” first published in Leipzig in 1740. A fine old color example. [cod.1138/15]

  • Author: SCHREIBERN Johann George
  • Year: 1740
  • Dimension: 167 x 215 mm.
  • Place of publication: Lipsia


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Italy by Rob. Morden

Fine and scarce little map of Italy based on Magini by Robert Morden from his “The Geographical Grammar. Being a Short and Exact Analysis of the whole Body of Modern Geography” di Robert Morden published in London at Gordon in 1708. On the left a key with 14 point of interest.

  • Author: MORDEN Robert
  • :
  • Dimension: 135 x 125 mm
  • Place of publication: London


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Itineraires artistiques des plus importants Sanctuaires D’Italie

An uncommon large folding map of Italy showing the Sanctuaries and the streets to reach it by car. On verso description in french of the sacred places and the itineraries. Drawn by Artist Virgilio Retrosi published in 1937 by Ente Nazionale del Turismo.

  • Author: Virgilio Retrosi
  • Dimension: 77 x 62 cm
  • Place of publication: Rome
  • Year: 1937


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Nova et exactissima italia

Superb 18th century map of the whole of Italy that also includes the islands of Corsica and Sardina, part of Sicily and the coastline of Balkans. Beautifully engraved with Seutter’s typical bold style and detail. Title cartouche at top right features several cherubs and in the opposite corner features a distance scale with a river god, a globe and several putti. As usual, both cartouches are uncolored. Published in Augburg in 1725 ca. by M. Seutter.

  • Author: SEUTTER Georg Matthaus
  • Year: 1725 ca.
  • Dimension: 573 x 490 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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Nova Italiae Delineatio

Well engraved and detailed map of Italy mased on Magini and Blaeu from Zeiller’s “Itinerarium Italia Nova Antiqua” published by Merian in Franckfurt in 1640. Mattheus Merian was a notable Swiss engraver, born in Basle in 1593, who subsequently studied in Zurich and then moved to Frankfurt where he met Theodore de Bry, whose daughter he married in 1617. They had numerous children together, including a daughter, Anna Maria Sibylla Merian, born in […]

  • Author: MERIAN Mattheus
  • Year: 1640
  • Dimension: 284 x 365 mm
  • Place of publication: Frankfurt
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Nova Totius Italiae

Superb 18th century map of the whole of Italy that also includes the islands of Corsica and Sardina, Sicily and the coastline of Balkans. Beautifully engraved with Seutter’s typical bold style and detail. Title cartouche at bottom left features several allegorical figures. Published in Augburg in 1734 by M. Seutter.

  • Author: SEUTTER Georg Matthaus
  • Year: 1734
  • Dimension: 490 x 573 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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Nova Totius Italiae cum adjacentibus … insulis

Graziosa riduzione della carta dell’Italia del Seutter che nonostante le dimensioni riesce ad essere molto dettagliata e precisa. Arricchita da grande cartiglio allegorico con il titolo e un secondo, in alto a destra, con tre scale grafiche per le distanze. Tratta dall’opera Atlas Minor Praecipua Orbis Terrarum di Tobias Lotter edito ad Augsburg nel 1744.

  • Author: SEUTTER Georg Matthaus
  • Year: 1744
  • Dimension: 200 x 255 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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Novissima et Accuratissima totius Italiae, Corsicae et Sardiniae Descriptio

This fine map of Italy extends to include Corsica and Sardinia in the west and through the Dalmatian coast, much of which was controlled by the Republic of Venice. The map is filled with information on the cities and towns and is beautifully ornamented with putti and Europa in the title cartouche and sailing ships and a raging sea battle filling the seas.

  • Author: DE WIT Frederick
  • Year: 1680
  • Dimension: 560 x 490 mm
  • Place of publication: Amsterdam


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Panorama Italiano

Rarissima e stupenda mappa celebrativa dell’Unità d’Italia stampata a Milano presso la litografia Ronchi per conto della Società Editrice dell’Emilia. Eseguita in occasione della proclamazione a Re d’Italia di Vittorio Emanuele II avvenuta a Torino il 17 marzo 1861. La grande carta pittoresca si allontana dal modello classico geografico ma mostra la penisola presa dalle Alpi e orientato prospetticamente con il meridione in alto. La veduta fu disegnata da Gaetano Cappuccio probabilmente su diretta commissione di Cavour in occasione della proclamazione dell’Unità d’Italia. E’ circondata da 46 ritratti di personaggi italiani illustri, 15 vedute di monumenti notabili, 78 stemmi di città e dalle immagini dei principali costumi italiani dai tempi degli etruschi sino a quelli moderni.

  • Author: Litografia Ronchi
  • Year: 1861
  • Place of publication: Milan
  • Dimension: 810 x 1120 mm
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Premiere planches de l’Italie contenant ses principaux etats

A curious and atypical large folio map showing the whole Italy. Very detailed and annotated by a large number of notes and toponymies.
In the centre the title is in a fine and very decorative large cartouche embellished by putti, eagle and religious’ symbols. Below the title the sign and the address of the author. In the title there is also a mention to a “premiere planches”: perhaps Crepy intended to draw other maps for a serie but he never published other similar maps and also this one on Italy was never re-issued. Cartographically the important map seems based on De L’isle but only for the italian peninsula because, strangely, the Sardegna, Corsica and Sicilia are instead drawn on Magini’s prototype. On the left and right a listing of the most important cities and town with geographical coordinates.

  • Author: CREPY Etienne Louis
  • Year: 1740 c.
  • Dimension: 494 x 637 mm
  • Place of publication: Paris


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