Friuli Venezia Giulia

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    A beautiful map of Friuli in northeast Italy from the Mercator’s Italia Sclavonia et Greciae Tabula gographicae published in Duisburg in 1589 with french text on verso. Very fine original colors.

    • Author: MERCATOR Gerard
    • Year: 1589
    • Dimension: 344 x 465 mm
    • Place of publication: Duisburg
  • Fine map of Istria embellished by two cartouches. From the french edition of Atlas major published in Amsterdam in 1667. The famous Blaeu’s firm was founded in 1596 by Willem Janzoon Blaeu (1571-1638) then continued by his two sons Cornelius (1616-1648) and Johannis (1596-1673). [cod.018/15]

    • Author: BLAEU Johannis
    • Year: 1667
    • Dimension: 380 x 500 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Nova Palma

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    Beautifull plan of the fortified “star” town of Palmanova from the Merian’s “Topographia Italiae” published in Franckfurt in 1640. Mattheus Merian was a notable Swiss engraver, born in Basle in 1593, who subsequently studied in Zurich and then moved to Frankfurt where he met Theodore de Bry, whose daughter he married in 1617.

    • Author: MERIAN Mattheus
    • Dimension: 283 x 318 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
    • Year: 1640
  • Palma

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    Copper engraving from: “Ausfuehrliche und Grendrichtige Beschreibung des gantzen Italieens..” by Christoff Riegel published in Franckfurt in 1692. Rare. [cod.411/15]

    • Author: RIEGEL Christoph
    • Year: 1692
    • Dimension: 57 x 103 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
  • Palma

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    Small and important plan of Palmanova, clearly inspired by Valegio. From the very rare “Paradisus deliciarum” by Hieronymus Megiser published in Leipzig in 1610. The German artist active in Leipzig from 1592 to 1620, who signed in plate “Johan Faber Jun (ior) fe (cit),” to stand by his father who worked in the same field, was able to claim … [cod.412/15]

    • Author: FABER Johan
    • Year: 1610
    • Dimension: 80 x 120 mm
    • Place of publication: Lipsia
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    Map from the “Atlas Novus” published by Hondius and Jansson in 1639.

    • Author: HONDIUS Henricus
    • Year: 1639
    • Dimension: 375 x 484 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
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    • Dimension: 22,5 x 33 cm
    • Place of publication: Rome
    • Year: 1949
  • Veduta panoramica della citta’, incisa da A. Sommer e pubblicata ad Augsburg. Il caratteristico stile teutonico dell’autore si evidenzia nelle forme dei tetti. Rara. [cod.417/15]

    • Author: SOMMER A.
    • Year: 1780
    • Dimension: 150 x 240 mm
    • Place of publication: Vienna