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    Grande mappa pittorica della città di Erevan, la capitale armena, redatta in cirillico russo e caratterizzata dal tipico gusto grafico sovietico di metà secolo filtrato attraverso la tradizione armena, eseguita dall’importante geografo e statista Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan e pubblicato a Erevan nel 1971 dall’Autorità per la Conservazione Culturale. Yerevan essendo stata fondata nel 782 AC è una delle più antiche città ininterrottamente abitate al mondo. Nel 1920, quando divenne capitale dell’Armenia sovietica, Yerevan era un…

    • Author: Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan
    • Dimension: 82,5 x 62 cm
    • Place of publication: Erevan
    • Year: 1971
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    Large Russian language pictorial map designed by Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan promoting the Cultural and Historical Monuments in Soviet Armenia. Shows district boundaries, place names. Includes vignettes of monuments on bottom panel and illustration of historical buildings with key to the site and text. Published in Yerevan, 1968 by the Armenian SSR. Special Research Department of Restoration of Armenian Cultural and Historical Monuments. Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan (1928 – 2005) was a prominent Armenian academic and politician.…

    • Author: Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan
    • Dimension: 60 x 82 cm
    • Place of publication: Erevan
    • Year: 1968
  • china map
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    Rara pubblicazione separata di propaganda che mostra la carta geografica della Cina circondata da otto medaglioni con i ritratti del leader militari cinesi con Mao Tse Toung in alto al centro. La carta mostra in basso l’epilogo della guerra civile cinese con un soldato che infilza una bandiera nella schiena del generale Chiang Kai-shek. Il primo ottobre 1949 Mao Tse-tung e le truppe dell’Esercito di Liberazione del Popolo entrarono a Piazza Tienanmen, sconfiggendo definitivamente i…

    • Dimension: 48 x 36 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1949
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    Fine woodblock print showing a map of Japan oriented with north to the upper right designed by Seiken Gengyo and engraved by Takeguchi Takesaburo. The very detailed map covers Ezo to Tsushima and Okinoerabujima, shows cities, districts, castle towns, waterways, and distances from port to port. Includes distance charts, Kuroshio and legend. A very interesting revision of a map by Nagakubo Sekisui (the first Japanese cartographer to employ lines of longitude and latitude), and notable…

    • Author: Seiken Gengyo
    • Dimension: 71 x 100 cm
    • Year: 1864
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    A lovely pictorial map of Japan published for social studies by le no Hikari  in 1958.

    • Author: le no Hikari
    • Dimension: 51 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Tokyo
    • Year: 1958
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    Carta geografica pittorica della Russia disegnata per l’Expo ’58, l’Esposizione Universale di Bruxelles che si tenne dal 17 aprile al 19 ottobre 1958. Fu la prima esposizione mondiale su larga scala del secondo dopoguerra. Una volta terminata la fiera, il padiglione sovietico fu smontato e riportato in Russia ad eccezione del modello dello Sputnik, che scomparve misteriosamente. La mappa descrive attraverso deliziose vignette sul territorio le risolse naturali e produttive della nazione. In alto a…

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    • Year: 1958
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    A rare satirical caricature on the independence struggles within the Ottoman empire showing a fine view on Istanbul and the Bosporus with figures representing Greece, Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Armenia, looking at a deflated hot air balloon the “Concerto Europeo” with the head as an English man all vaguely in the shape of Europe. From the Italian satirical newspaper Il Papagallo, a satirical magazine dedicated exclusively to international politics founded in Bologna, 1873 by Augusto…

    • Author: Augusto Grossi
    • Dimension: 40 x 56 cm
    • Place of publication: Bologna
    • Year: 1899
  • arabia antique map

    The fine map of the Arabian Peninsula showing Yemen, Oman, Bahrein, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from the first edition of Geographia di Claudio Tolomeo by Girolamo Ruscelli published in Venice in 1561 at Valgrisi. There is a really interesting Italian text on verso that describes the early history and geography of the area. A feature of this first state is that some maps haven’t the platemark at top because two maps were engraved on…

    • Author: RUSCELLI Girolamo
    • Year: 1561
    • Dimension: 180 x 240 mm
    • Place of publication: Venice
  • Asia

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    Miniature map from “Neu aussgeffertigter kleiner Atlas” by J. Muller published in Franckfurt in 1702 at Johann Philip Andrea. Engraved with great care by G. Karsch e G. Bodeneher. Rare.

    • Author: MULLER Johann Ulrich
    • Year: 1702
    • Dimension: 70 x 80 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
  • Asien

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    Lovely engraved map based on the cartography by C. Franz Radefeld (1788-1874) showing the whole Asia. From the “Meyer’s Neuester Zeitungs Atlas” published by Bibliographischen Instituts in Hildburghausen in 1849-52. The innovation of this work is that almost all maps had small inserts showing richly detailed maps of major cities and their surrunding areas: so not only could travellers carry the atlas with them easily, they could also obtain an initial orientation to their destination when they a

    • Author: MEYER Joseph
    • Year: 1849
    • Dimension: 180 x 220 mm
    • Place of publication: Hildburghausen
  • Fine large map with detailed topographical features based on Guillaume de L’Isle. The map shows the southern India with Ceylon and the Maldives. From Covens & Mortier “Atlas nouveau, contenant toutes les parties su Monde?” published in Amsterdam in 1730 ca.

    • Author: COVENS Johannes & MORTIER Pierre
    • Year: 1730 ca.
    • Dimension: 500 x 590 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Uncommon detailed map of Holy Land centered on Jerusalem. It is orientated with north to the left and based on Adrichom’s map of 1590. In the title Coronelli is granted as mapmaker but the nice map is from an unidentified work (perhaps an 8° french volume) because Coronelli never published a map of the Holy Land. Not in Laor.

    • Author: Anon.
    • Dimension: 21,5 x 49,5
    • Year: 1714