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  • An extremely decorative, large, fine old colour example of De Wit’s rare map of Sicily. It shows in detail the cities of Messina, Milazzo, Palermo, Catania and Trapani.
    It is considered one of the most beautiful and decorative maps of Sicily from the XVII century. This example is in exceptional old original colour.
    The map is embellished with a compass rose, sailing ships, a dedication cartouche and especially, elaborate views of the major cities and ports of Sicily. From Atlas Major by F. De Witt published in Amsterdam in 1680.

    • Author: DE WIT Frederick
    • Year: 1680
    • Dimension: 580 x 500 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • A stunning map of Sicily published by M. Seutter in 1730. Inset at bottom a nice map of Malta and Gozo. Showing also the Etna erupting.

    • Author: SEUTTER Georg Matthaus
    • Year: 1730
    • Dimension: 580 x 500 mm
    • Place of publication: Augsburg
  • Messina

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    A rare and early separately issued plan of Messina published by Matteo Florimi in Siena, 1600 circa. The plan covers the city in its entirety and showing at bottom the coast of Calabria with the city of Reggio on the left. Embellished by rare original colours and many vessels in the sea and harbour. Below a key listing 167 points of interest.

    • Author: FLORIMI Matteo
    • Dimension: 37 x 45,5 cm
    • Place of publication: Siena
    • Year: 1600
  • View of Palermo from “Atlas Cureiux” published in Paris in 1705. [cod.474/15]

    • Author: DE FER Nicolas
    • Year: 1705
    • Dimension: 230 x 170 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
  • A rare prospect view of Palermo, including a legend in the lower part published in 1720 by the Chereau brothers.

    • Author: CHEREAU Jacques
    • Year: 1720
    • Dimension: 136 x 208 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
  • Palermo

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    Rare copper engraving of Palermo in Sicily from Theatro delle città d’Italia, con nova aggiunta by Pietro Bertelli, pubblished by Francesco Bertelli in 1629.

    • Author: BERTELLI Francesco
    • Year: 1629
    • Dimension: 110 x 170 mm
    • Place of publication: Padova
  • A very decorative map of Sicily and Sardinia from J.B. Homann’s Atlas Novus Terrarum published in Nuremberg in 1720. In the upper middle is a allegoric large cartouche with the title “Regnorum Siciliae et Sardiniae nova tabula?. Embellished by compass rose, vessels and in the lower left plan of Catania with the famous vulcan Etna erupting and in the right with La Valletta. [cod.087/15]

    • Author: HOMANN Johann Baptist
    • Year: 1720
    • Dimension: 580 x 500 mm
    • Place of publication: Nuremberg
  • Nice depiction of Scylla and Charybdis located on the Strait of Messina off the coast of Sicily and opposite the rock on the Italian mainland. From Merian’s “Topographia Italiae” pubblished in Franckfurt in 1688. Mattheus Merian was a notable Swiss engraver, born in Basle in 1593, who subsequently studied in Zurich and then moved to Frankfurt where he met Theodore de Bry, whose daughter he married in 1617. [cod.463/15]

    • Author: MERIAN Mattheus
    • Year: 1688
    • Dimension: 195 x 270 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
  • Fine and early historical map of Sicily based on Gastaldi’s 1545. Includes an inset map of Syracuse and a list of the towns in the lower left. Decorated with an ornate cartouche, monsters and ships in the sea. From the 1624 final edition by Balthasar Moretus of the first historical atlas ever published. Ortelius?s Parergon began as a companion to his Theatrum but eventually it became an independent work. In fact, this collection of maps of the ancient world was so significant that it became the

    • Author: ORTELIUS Abraham
    • Year: 1624
    • Dimension: 369 x 486 mm
    • Place of publication: Antewerp
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    Divertente e ricca carta geo-pittorica della Sicilia disegnata da Fulvio Ariani (firma sulla spiaggia di Marina di Ragusa)  e commissionata dalla regione Sicilia per promuovere i vini e i prodotti tipici gastronomici dell’isola. Una nota in alto a sinistra sottolinea che i nomi riportati nella mappa si riferiscono ai vini D.O.C. mentre i numeri da 1 a 36 rimandano ad una legenda che elenca alcuni dei vini più pregiati e celebri. Pubblicata a Palermo nel 1979 presso Arti Grafiche Siciliane.

    • Author: Fulvio Ariani
    • Dimension: 33 x 47 cm
    • Place of publication: Palermo
    • Year: 1979
  • Very rare aquatint view from “Voyage pittoresque en Sicile” by Gicault de la Salle published in Paris in 1822.

    • Author: GIGAULT DE LA SALLE Achille Etienne
    • Year: 1822
    • Dimension: 290 x 425 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
  • Very rare aquatint view from “Voyage pittoresque en Sicile” by Gicault de la Salle published in Paris in 1822.

    • Author: GIGAULT DE LA SALLE Achille Etienne
    • Year: 1822
    • Dimension: 295 x 425 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris