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    Large poster map showing the origin (highlighted in shiny silver) of the ingredients for the production of Astra’s margarine. Palm and peanut oil from French West and Equatorial Africa. The coconut oil from Polynesia. Published in Paris at Courbet 1955.

    • Author: Atelier Coubert
    • Dimension: 120 x 80 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1955
  • china map
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    Rara pubblicazione separata di propaganda che mostra la carta geografica della Cina circondata da otto medaglioni con i ritratti del leader militari cinesi con Mao Tse Toung in alto al centro. La carta mostra in basso l’epilogo della guerra civile cinese con un soldato che infilza una bandiera nella schiena del generale Chiang Kai-shek. Il primo ottobre 1949 Mao Tse-tung e le truppe dell’Esercito di Liberazione del Popolo entrarono a Piazza Tienanmen, sconfiggendo definitivamente i…

    • Dimension: 48 x 36 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1949
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    Relief map by S.J. Turner representing a bird’s eye view from space encompassing a wide swath of the globe from Italian Somaliland at the lower edge to Morocco and Italy at the upper edge of the map. Shows the political divisions in the Horn of Africa during Italy’s conquest of the region, railways. major cities, and rivers. Includes European possession in Africa. Published in London, 1938 for Daily Herald.

    • Author: S.J. Turner
    • Dimension: 69 x 47 cm
    • Place of publication: London
    • Year: 1938
  • missionary world map vintage

    Interesting 1936 world map showing the areas served by the German Protestant missions. The title points out that 6000 missionaries were active around the world and three inserts list the 57 missions with their location and German city of origin.

    • Dimension: 25 x 38 cm
    • Year: 1936
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    Fine woodblock print showing a map of Japan oriented with north to the upper right designed by Seiken Gengyo and engraved by Takeguchi Takesaburo. The very detailed map covers Ezo to Tsushima and Okinoerabujima, shows cities, districts, castle towns, waterways, and distances from port to port. Includes distance charts, Kuroshio and legend. A very interesting revision of a map by Nagakubo Sekisui (the first Japanese cartographer to employ lines of longitude and latitude), and notable…

    • Author: Seiken Gengyo
    • Dimension: 71 x 100 cm
    • Year: 1864
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    A lovely pictorial map of Japan published for social studies by le no Hikari  in 1958.

    • Author: le no Hikari
    • Dimension: 51 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Tokyo
    • Year: 1958
  • pictorial map morocco
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    Interesting map of Morocco showing metal mines from prehistoric times to the 19th century.

    • Author: Moussa Saadi
    • Dimension: 52 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Rabat
    • Year: 1975
  • pictorial map world

    Color pictorial map of the world with decorative border and coat of arms of major cities. Designed by Jacques Liozu, published by Ode Paris in 1951.

    • Author: Jacques Liozu
    • Dimension: 33 x 50 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1951
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    A rare satirical caricature on the independence struggles within the Ottoman empire showing a fine view on Istanbul and the Bosporus with figures representing Greece, Romania, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Armenia, looking at a deflated hot air balloon the “Concerto Europeo” with the head as an English man all vaguely in the shape of Europe. From the Italian satirical newspaper Il Papagallo, a satirical magazine dedicated exclusively to international politics founded in Bologna, 1873 by Augusto…

    • Author: Augusto Grossi
    • Dimension: 40 x 56 cm
    • Place of publication: Bologna
    • Year: 1899
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    Decorative map and game board celebrating the 1925 trip by air from Tokyo to the major cities of Europe

    • Author: The Asahi Shimbun 朝日新聞
    • Dimension: 54 x 78 cm
    • Place of publication: Osaka
    • Year: 1925
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    A rare 1945 pictorial world map by Herbert Leupin, one of the most successful poster artists of all time.

    • Author: Herbert Leupin
    • Dimension: 46 x 80 cm
    • Place of publication: Bern
    • Year: 1945
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    A magnificent wall map in 4 sheets joined of South America published by Robert Sayer (1725 – 1794) and John Bennett (active: 1770-1784) in London in 1775. Depicts the continent in full with inset of the Falkland’s Islands at top right. Heavily detailed map, with countless place names, a large scenic & elaborate cartouche at lower right. The cartouche displays a skirted native in headdress, sack of gold coins, fruits. vegetation, a dog, raft, birds, and a distant river scene with small huts. A descriptive panel at the left margin detailing the “Division of South America with a Summary Account of its’ Trade”. Some minor creases where the folds crossing. Overall in good condition.

    • Author: D’ANVILLE Jean Baptiste Bourguignon
    • Year: 1775
    • Dimension: 990 x 1180 mm
    • Place of publication: London