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  • An important rare separate map showing northern Africa during the war between the Kingdom of Italy and the Ottoman Empire from September 29, 1911, to October 18, 1912. As a result of this conflict, Italy captured the Ottoman Tripolitania Vilayet (province), of which the main sub-provinces (sanjaks) were Fezzan, Cyrenaica, and Tripoli itself. These territories together formed what became known as Italian Libya. The Italo-Turkish War saw numerous military technological changes, notably the first use of the airplane for reconnaissance and bombing. Although minor, the war was a significant precursor of the First World War as it sparked nationalism in the Balkan states. Seeing how easily the Italians had defeated the weakened Ottomans, the members of the Balkan League attacked the Ottoman Empire starting the First Balkan War before the war with Italy had ended.
    The interesting really detailed map by Arcangelo Ghisleri based on E. Heber published in Bergamo in 1911 shows also the entire Africa on the right and the Dodecanese and the Ottoman Empire inset on the left.

    • Author: Arcangelo Ghisleri
    • Dimension: 68 x 98 cm
    • Place of publication: Bergamo
    • Year: 1911
  • Fine large map with detailed topographical features based on Guillaume de L’Isle. The map shows the southern India with Ceylon and the Maldives. From Covens & Mortier “Atlas nouveau, contenant toutes les parties su Monde?” published in Amsterdam in 1730 ca.

    • Author: COVENS Johannes & MORTIER Pierre
    • Year: 1730 ca.
    • Dimension: 500 x 590 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Rare map of America and the discoveries in the Pacific Ocean. Published separately by Eustace Herisson in Paris in 1809 at Bisset. The map shows a large and detailed map of the Americas, the Pacific, New Zealand and the Atlantic Ocean with engraved routes of explorations of Cook, Vancouver and Mackenzie. [cod.1233/15]

    • Author: HERISSON Eustache
    • Year: 1809
    • Dimension: 760 x 520 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
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    A large and detailed chart of Jamaica by Bellin showing its main towns and geographical features and its relation to Cuba and Santo Domingo. Published in Paris in 1753.

    • Author: BELLIN Jacques Nicholas
    • Year: 1753
    • Dimension: 910 x 570 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
  • A finely engraved copper plate map that covers Chili and most of Argentina. Good detail of the region around Buenos Ayres and the Rio de la Plata. Santiago here is named Rioja. A large inset details Tierra del Fuego and the Strait of Magellan. From “Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto sulle osservazioni, e scoperte fatte dai piu’ celebri e piu’ recenti cartografi” by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1779. [cod.1020/15]

    • Author: ZATTA Antonio
    • Year: 1779
    • Dimension: 410 x 315 mm
    • Place of publication: Venice
  • Uncommon detailed map of Holy Land centered on Jerusalem. It is orientated with north to the left and based on Adrichom’s map of 1590. In the title Coronelli is granted as mapmaker but the nice map is from an unidentified work (perhaps an 8° french volume) because Coronelli never published a map of the Holy Land. Not in Laor.

    • Author: Anon.
    • Dimension: 21,5 x 49,5
    • Year: 1714
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    A very interesting and decorative map of the Holy Land by the Jesuit monk Jacobus Tirinus. Oriented to the east, map depicts from Syria and Tyre southward as far as the Sinai, Egypt and Thebes. The Mediterranean is decorated with sailing ships and, in the lower left quadrant, a surveying tool between two censors. Surrounding the map proper on the left, right, and bottom margins, there are 19 maps and images of Biblical objects. The…

    • Author: Jacobus Tirinus
    • Dimension: 310 x 820 mm
    • Place of publication: Venice
    • Year: 1730
  • An exceptional 1932 bird’s eye view map of the city of Quebec, Canada by Samuel Herbert Maw. The densely filled map displays parks, buildings, named streets and historic notations embellished by numerous coats of arms and a large compass rose. Born in England, Maw was an architect, delineator, etcher, cartographer and designer. After winning the Sloane Medallion from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 1905 and showing at the Royal Academy in London in 1909, Maw moved to Canada where he spent the remainder of his successful career designing buildings, squares and landmarks. He is best known for his perspective drawings, such as this one, heralded as “a masterpiece of Canadian cartography, a bird’s-eye view of Quebec City, begun in 1926 and completed in 1932, in which he accurately rendered every single building in the Old Town and surrounding area, complete with a hand-drawn cartouche and historical notes on the significance of the buildings shown.

    • Author: Samuel Herbert Maw
    • Year: 1932
    • Dimension: 850 x 650 mm
    • Place of publication: Toronto
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    Decorative pictorial map of North-Western Africa by Lucien Boucher published by the French bank Crédit Lyonnais. Includes color coded list of agencies and coat of Arms on upper right corner. The lovely vignettes show major buildings and landmarks, parks, roads, cities and towns, etc. Credit Lyonnais, founded in 1863, can be regarded as the archetype of the banking modernization desired by Napoleon III. Title framed with decorative cartouche.
    Design by Lucien Boucher who is a famous commercial poster artist and illustrator born in Chartres in 1889 and died in 1971. Graduated from the Ecole de céramiques de Sèvres, he began his career as cartoonist for the satiric newspaper Le Rire. In the 1920s he worked actively as poster designer for the movies and the advertising industry. He designed a significant number of lithography’s inspired by the surrealism style. He’s very well known of a series of posters (advertising & world map) designed for Air France

    • Author: Lucien Boucher
    • Dimension: 95 x 69 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1950
  • Lovely copper engraved maps of Cuba above Hispaniola, with smaller insets of Havana, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Margarita. Usual printer?s defect for this edition at right where border did not print due the damage of the copper. Otherwise very good. From the Mercator Hondius “Atlas Minor” published in Amsterdam in 1648 at Jannsonius with german text on verso. In 1607 Jodocus Hondius published a reduced size version of Mercator’s “Atlas”, itself suitably titled “Atlas Minor”. The maps were copied

    • Author: MERCATOR Gerard - HONDIUS Henricus
    • Year: 1648
    • Dimension: 180 x 143 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Lovely engraved map based on the cartography by C. Franz Radefeld (1788-1874) showing in high detail the Pacific Ocean. From the “Meyer’s Neuester Zeitungs Atlas” published by Bibliographischen Instituts in Hildburghausen in 1849-52. The innovation of this work is that almost all maps had small inserts showing richly detailed maps of major cities and their surrunding areas: so not only could travellers carry the atlas with them easily, they could also obtain an initial orientation to their desti

    • Author: MEYER Joseph
    • Year: 1849
    • Dimension: 265 x 210 mm
    • Place of publication: Hildburghausen
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    Color pictorial map of the world showing travel Lufthansa’s routes and connections with Lufthansa plane flying over map of the world. Map representing landmarks, major cities, and people. Includes compass rose decorated with Lufthansa logo.

    • Author: G. Bormann
    • Dimension: 46,5 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin-Schonefeld
    • Year: 1962