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[Armenia] сохраним наши исторические памятники – Let’s preserve our historical monuments!

Large Russian language pictorial map designed by Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan promoting the Cultural and Historical Monuments in Soviet Armenia. Shows district boundaries, place names. Includes vignettes of monuments on bottom panel and illustration of historical buildings with key to the site and text. Published in Yerevan, 1968 by the Armenian SSR. Special Research Department of Restoration of Armenian Cultural and Historical Monuments.
Grigor Yeremovich Avagyan (1928 – 2005) was a prominent Armenian academic and politician. He served for many years as a professor of geography at the Yerevan’s State University and the Yerevan Institute of National Economy before becoming the Director of the Laboratory of Mountain Research (1976-90). During the 1990s he served as a Member of the Armenian Parliament where he played the role of an elder statesman helping to guide the country through its difficult post-independence years.