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  • The uncommon small version of the world map poster designed by Lucien Boucher in 1948 for Air France. The map shows routes east to Japan and west to the Americas. A significant expansion of the airline network. Numerous vignettes illustrate special landmarks, people and animals. Lucien Boucher is a commercial poster artist and illustrator born in Chartres in 1889 and died in 1971. Graduated from the Ecole de céramiques de Sèvres, he began his career…

    • Author: Lucien Boucher
    • Dimension: 33 x 58 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1948
  • The smal version of one of Boucher’s most remarkable promotional maps designed for Air France.

    • Author: Lucien Boucher
    • Dimension: 35 x 58 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1952
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    Divertente planisfero disegnato da Luigi Roveri e Giuseppe Orliani per la compagnia aerea Alitalia e pubblicato a Roma nel 1975 presso l’editore Daniele Cerretti. Destinata all’infanzia questa carta geografica-pittorica ben si fonde con lo stile grafico degli autori che avendo collaborato per la rivista Miao, nota per le sue storie senza testo, riesce a descrive in maniera sintetica ma riuscita i costumi e le peculiarità delle varie aree del mondo. Luigi Roveri è stato un…

    • Author: Giuseppe Orliani (Nino Orlich), Luigi Roveri
    • Dimension: 43 x 65 cm
    • Place of publication: Rome
    • Year: 1976
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    1934 pictorial map designed by George Annand celebrating Richard Byrd’s second expedition to the Antarctic.

    • Author: George Annand
    • Dimension: 44 x 58 cm
    • Year: 1934
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    A large and most striking educational wall chart introducing the student to the wonders of the universe compiled by Etienne Laporte and engraved by Th. Gheldof. A large circular depiction of the solar system with star map and comets, printed in blue, black and white dominates, the upper half of the chart. Descriptive text, printed in eight columns, is found below and which describes each of the planets with one section devoted to a discussion of comets. Sixteen striking illustrations form a border around the chart and which include depiction’s of icebergs at the poles, the Cotopaxi Volcano, eclipses, a cross section of the earth, orbits of the comets, the phases of the moon, and faces of the moon and jupiter, a large telescope, and the Aurore Boreales. Four smaller circular illustrations surround the main solar system illustration, with the title located centrally and contained within an image of a globe. The British Library date their copy to 1875, with the BnF suggesting a date of 1877, another version with differences in the vignettes at David Rumsey map Centre (11289.000) is dated 1878. Dissected into 32 sections and laid on linen as issued due its nature ha some occasional light soiling and foxing, minor creases, traces of age or little hole without loss. Overall a striking example.

    • Author: Etienne Laporte
    • Dimension: 134 x 96 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1875
  • pictorial world map
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    Magnifica grande carta geografica pittorica del mondo disegnata “secondo la proiezione di Mercatore” da Jacques de Duve e pubblicata a Bruxelles presso Les Editions De Visscher nel 1951. De Duve concepisce la carta con un fine enciclopedico e mostra tutti paesi del mondo con le proprie peculiarità storiche, produttive, sociali, architettoniche, commerciali attraverso belle e colorate vignette. L’autore usa una riuscita commistione fra modernità del tratto a lo stile classico delle antiche carte geografiche seicentesche…

    • Author: Jacques de Duve
    • Dimension: 75 x 104 cm
    • Place of publication: Bruxelles
    • Year: 1951
  • Large poster of the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique designed by Edouard Collin (signature bottom right) and published in 1959 by the Blondel La Rougery publishing house to promote the routes of the French shipping company. The map, centered on the Atlantic Ocean, is adorned with a wind rose, five ships of the line, and a large French flag. A table with a summary of the countries served and their respective national flags is also included. The…

    • Author: Edouard Collin
    • Dimension: 76 x 98 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1959
  • pictorial world map
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    A large and rare pictorial world map published in Paris in 1956 by the Blondel La Rougery publishing house. Following the genre made famous by Lucien Boucher with his production of posters for Air France, the map is drawn in the style of old maps and then decorated with a large compass rose and a cartouche with the title, both in classical style. On the continents, numerous vignettes describe territories with their indigenous populations, agricultural…

    • Author: Blondel La Rougery
    • Dimension: 103 x 70 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1956
  • Pictorial world map produced in 1940-50 by Gabriel Loire and Marcel Maillard, as gameboard. The game consists of a map taking the North Pole as its center, and points defining cities that are connected via tracks. There are depictions of peoples and animals on the map. The players collect valuable materials such as coal, petrol, coffee, tea, rubber, and fur.

    • Author: Gabriel Loire
    • Dimension: 55 x 55 cm
    • Place of publication: Chartres
    • Year: 1950
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    Color pictorial map of the world showing travel Lufthansa’s routes and connections with Lufthansa plane flying over map of the world. Map representing landmarks, major cities, and people. Includes compass rose decorated with Lufthansa logo.

    • Author: G. Bormann
    • Dimension: 46,5 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin-Schonefeld
    • Year: 1962
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    Grande e dettagliatissima carta pittoresca del mondo disegnata da F. Heinrichsen che mostra attraverso deliziose vignette l’ingegno e l’operosità dell’uomo e le caratteristiche di tutte le aeree della Terra: accanto a ogni toponimo sono infatti riportate le caratteristiche del luogo come per esempio il tabacco a Cuba, il rum e lo zucchero nelle isole caraibiche, oro e diamanti in alcune aree dell’Africa, petrolio in Arabia, le famose olive di Creta o le vignette degli agrumi…

    • Author: F. Heinrichsen
    • Dimension: 114 x 66,5 cm
    • Place of publication: Stuttgart
    • Year: 1947
  • A complete set of gores (12 sheets) for a pair of globes, including calottes and printed matter for the horizon and meridian rings. The terrestrial gores show the tracks of all three of Cook’s voyages, along with his discoveries. The celestial gores, based on the observations of Flamsteed and Lacaille, are beautifully engraved and colored using the traditional, pictorial symbols for the constellations. Bound in original binding with frontispiece of Cassini’s famous work “Nuovo Atlante…

    • Author: CASSINI Giovanni Maria
    • Year: 1790
    • Dimension: 320 x 490 mm
    • Place of publication: Rome