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  • antique map caricature europe
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    A beautiful serio-comic map drawn by Augusto Grossi (signature at lower left on the Spanish coast) published in Bologna in 1875 in the satirical magazine “Il Pappagallo”. It shows Europe with Chancellor Otto von Bismarck in the centre who, like a Saint Anthony the Abbot, “blesses” and appeases the various nations each represented by an animal. In 1875, German diplomats and semi-official newspapers hinted that Germany might launch a war against France, which was rapidly…

    • Author: Augusto Grossi
    • Dimension: 35 x 53 cm
    • Place of publication: Bologna
    • Year: 1875
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    Detailed map of Crete published in 1866 by Dietrich Reimer and based on the representation of the island drawn by the English hydrographer, geologist and vice-admiral Thomas Abel Brimage Spratt (1881-1888). The interesting map also features an inset with the valley of Mylopotamos, a locality in the northern part of the island, in the prefecture of Rethymnon. It will be reprinted in 1897 (Cf. Bibliothèque nationale de France, GED-2736 ) with the addition in plate…

    • Author: Dietrich Reimer
    • Dimension: 25 x 54 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin
    • Year: 1866
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    Non comune versione con la firma del Dezauche e la data 1781 della grande carta geografica dello Stato di Milano e dei territori confinanti edita dal cartografo francese Jaillot per la prima volta nel 1706 e riproposta, corretta, in un secondo stato, nel 1731. Il titolo, in basso a sinistra, è iscritto in un cartiglio sormontato dallo stemma del Re di Francia sostenuto da due putti alati. Nell’angolo in alto a sinistra, sono raffigurate le…

    • Author: Jean-Claude Dezauche, JAILLOT Alexis Hubert
    • Dimension: 52 x 69 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1781
  • stampa antica milano
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    Detailed town plan of Milan, showing the fortified walls, City Gates, inner ring and important public buildings, squares, etc. Includes a key naming 73 places. Coat of arms in upper right corner. from Zeiller’s “Itinerarium Italia Nova Antiqua” published by Merian in Frankfurt in 1640. Mattheus Merian was a notable Swiss engraver, born in Basle in 1593, who subsequently studied in Zurich and then moved to Frankfurt where he met Theodore de Bry, whose daughter…

    • Author: MERIAN Mattheus
    • Year: 1640
    • Dimension: 270 x 350 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
  • A stunning example of Coronelli’s map of Holland in two sheet to join. The upper sheet covers from Friesland to Amsterdam including all of the Zuyder Zee. The southern map covers from the Haarlem Meer south to Breeda and east to Batenborg. This map also prominently displays Holland’s elaborate canal and irrigation network. Each sheet has its own very decorative title cartouche engraved in the Italian baroque style. From Corso Geografico Universale by Coronelli published…

    • Author: CORONELLI Vincenzo Maria
    • Year: 1690
    • Dimension: 455 x 605 mm each
    • Place of publication: Venice
  • A magnificent large and very decorative pictorial map folded in self cover surrounded by notes and illustration of flowers, with the compass rose in the center. Shows buildings. landmarks, peoples, animals, roads, railroads, waterways, churches, tourist attractions, geographical features and places of interest. A short guide by Hans Jenny, and illustrations on verso. Designed by Eduard Imhof after a drawn by Otto Muller. Published by the Swiss National Tourist Office in Bern in 1939. Folded…

    • Author: Otto M. Muller
    • Dimension: 76 x 116 cm
    • Place of publication: Bern
    • Year: 1939
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    Important tourist poster by Guy Georget, commissioned by Air France to promote travel with the airline Air Afrique and published in Paris by the Serma atelier in 1961. The large poster, designed by Georget with the geometric style and colors typical of African masks, shows the western part of the continent with the A.O.F. in evidence. The A.O.F. was part of the French colonial empire until 1960 and included territories such as the Ivory Coast,…

    • Author: Guy Georget
    • Dimension: 98 x 151 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1961
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    Rare separate map of upper and lower Lombardy, which, as was customary at the time, represented the entire northern Italy and extended the representation of the territory to the Republic of Genoa and the Duchies of Parma, Modena, and Mantua. The map, signed at the bottom right Ant Dozel Gallus Sculp, is based, as reported in the cartouche, on the surveys of Giacomo Cantelli and was printed to be included in a complex editorial project…

    • Author: Paolo Petrini
    • Dimension: 45 x 61,5 cm
    • Place of publication: Naples
    • Year: 1700
  • antica veduta di brescia


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    An important view of Brescia drawn by Gaetano Gariboldi published in Milan by Antonio Vallardi in 1850. The view, one of the rarest and most sought-after depiction of the city, is centered on Piazza Loggia and shows in fine detail on the left the Duomo and on the right the Loggia. In the background the city in a lively and refined original colouring.

    • Author: Gaetano Gariboldi, Luigi Cherubin
    • Dimension: 90 x 25 cm
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1850
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    Grande carta murale del Regno d’Italia concepita dal Deposito della Guerra di Milano e realizzata da Gaudenzio Bordiga. In alto a sinistra il riquadro con il titolo contiene anche la “ricapitolazione” dei dati statistico-amministrativi del Regno e a seguire una legenda di 22 voci con i segni convenzionali, ancora sotto una nota in cui si indicano le fonti della carta tra le quali si precisa che la Valtellina e tutta la parte alla destra del…

    • Author: Gaudenzio Bordiga
    • Dimension: 129 x 109 cm
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1813
  • antica carta sicilia
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    An uncommon map of Sicily based on the map of the Royal Topographical Office of Naples published in 1826. The map, published as a loose sheet, is not dated, but it is probably one of the many representations of the island published around 1860 to meet the demands of a market attentive to the political and military events of that period. In April 1860 the revolt of the city of Palermo against the Bourbons of…

    • Author: Angelo Leonardi
    • Dimension: 65 x 50 cm
    • Place of publication: Turin
    • Year: 1860
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    J. M. Ziegler’s interesting map focuses on the road and railway system, standing out for its attention to topography and for accurately depicting Alpine crossings during a time when the distinction between lowland and mountain roads was keenly felt. The map highlights communication routes, prominently featuring railways marked in red, distinguishing between those already built and those nearing completion. Notably, the Milan-Bologna railway was contested by the Austrians due to its potential to unite the…

    • Author: Jakob Melchior Ziegler
    • Dimension: 42 x 74 cm
    • Place of publication: Winterthur
    • Year: 1853