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  • Berlin

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    Detailed topographical map of Berlin published in 1962, very shortly after the construction of the Berlin wall which isolated the west part from the east until 1989, by the Presse- und Informationsamt des Landes.
    The powerful map is interesting also because it is before the construction of the second wall beginning in June 1963, which established the so-called death strip.
    At top large title and the the coat of arms of Berlin west (a black bear on a white shield) introduced in 1954.

    • Author: Presse- und Informationsamt des Landes Berlin (PIA)
    • Dimension: 60 x 83 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin
    • Year: 1962
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    Color pictorial map of the world showing travel Lufthansa’s routes and connections with Lufthansa plane flying over map of the world. Map representing landmarks, major cities, and people. Includes compass rose decorated with Lufthansa logo.

    • Author: G. Bormann
    • Dimension: 46,5 x 72 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin-Schonefeld
    • Year: 1962