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    Divertente e interessante manifesto disegnato dall’artista Janes Trpin che mostra la Repubblica Socialista Federale di Jugoslavia (a forma istituzionale assunta dalla Jugoslavia dal 1945 al 1992, anno della sua dissoluzione a seguito delle guerre jugoslave) come base per il celebre come “gioco dell’oca”. La carta è priva di riferimenti topografici ma è arricchita da vignette che sottolineano avvenimenti storici importanti o peculiarità del territorio. In basso, al centro, le istruzioni per il gioco e l’elenco,…

    • Author: Janez Trpin
    • Dimension: 46 x 67 cm
    • Place of publication: Ljubljana
    • Year: 1953
  • etna sicily
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    Superb pictorial bird’s-eye view of Mount Etna drawn by the legendary illustrator Heinrich Caesar Berann and published in 1953 by the Catania Tourist Board. This charming tourist map is illustrated in baroque style with decorative borders and an antique-looking map of Catania in the left side-panel. On the verso are photographs of Etna and its environs, accompanied by information about climbing the volcano. Heinrich Caesar Berann (1915 – 1999) was an Austrian painter and cartographer. He achieved…

    • Author: Heinrich Caesar Berann
    • Dimension: 43 x 62 cm
    • Place of publication: Genoa
    • Year: 1953
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    Large pictorial map of Stockholm designed in 1953 by Curt Blixt showing also lovely views of the most important places of the city and historical vignettes. Curt Blixt began his career as a chaser at jeweller W.A. Bolin. In order to develop his artistic talent, Curt took evening classes at the Technical School (now known as Konstfack). After completing his studies, he was employed as an illustrator and designer at Esselte Reklam at Vasagatan in…

    • Author: Curt Vilhelm Blixt
    • Dimension: 70 x 105 cm
    • Place of publication: Stockholm
    • Year: 1953
  • Decorative large pictorial system map of Europe and Northern Africa signed Hawes, showing BEA and affiliate routes (Aer Lingus, Alitalia, Cyprus Airways, Gibraltar Airways, and The Malta Airlines). Illustrated with figures representing regional dress; animals and fish; landmarks; mountain ranges; roads; railways; and major cities. The map is embellished by BEA airliner depicted over the Mediterranean Sea and compass rose with the Coat of Arms. Published in London, 1953 by George Philip & Son, Ltd. British…

    • Author: George Philip & Son, Hawes
    • Dimension: 85 x 109 cm
    • Place of publication: London
    • Year: 1953
  • A beautiful guide in 48 pages to the gastronomic delights of Germany richly illustrated by Herman Schneider. Published in Berlin in 1953. In the end, folded, a fine pictorial map of Germany.

    • Author: Hermann Schneider
    • Dimension: 58 x 40 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin
    • Year: 1953
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    A colorful 1953 pictorial map designed by Monique Cras for the French government to promote New Caledonia in the South West Pacific as a travel destination. Coloratissima carta geo-pittorica della Nuova Caledonia disegnata da Monique Cras e pubblicata a Parigi nel 1953 dal Ministero francese d’oltremare per promuovere il turismo nell’area. La carta, ricchissima di particolari, annotazioni e avvenimenti storici, è completata dalla rappresentazione, dentro a una conchiglia, dell’emisfero meridionale del globo terrestre centrato sull’Oceania…

    • Author: Monique Cras
    • Dimension: 42 x 62 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1953
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    Amazing pictorial map of the world’s international short wave radio stations, with each continent crammed with imagery. The map was drawn by Walter Eckhard (1903-1982) and published in Eindhoven, 1953 by the radio division of Philips. Superimposed on the map are red circles indicating the locations of dozens of shortwave radio stations. Small drawings throughout represent genre scenes depicting the people, plants and animals. Includes detailed index to the stations on the lower margin and…

    • Author: Walter Eckhard
    • Dimension: 119 x 75 cm
    • Place of publication: Eindhoven
    • Year: 1953