Cyprus [ΚΥΠΡΟΣ]


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A beautiful pictorial map of Cyprus by the Greek artist Spyros Vassiliou and published in Athens in February 1965 by the Government Press and Information Office. The map depicts famous mythological places and describes historical events through refined vignettes. On the lower right, a cartouche in classical style shows the population density divided by Turks and Greeks, while a second insert on the upper left highlights Cyprus’s position in the world. At the bottom, a drape contains Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou’s invitation to the peoples of the world to find a solution to the long-standing dispute over the island of Cyprus. The card was printed in two different sizes, in both Greek and English, and was available exclusively by order from Greek embassies. Of the two sizes this is the larger.
Cfr. National Library of Australia G7451.A5 – Sylvia Ioannou Foundation M.0216