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  • Fine map of Orvieto from the french edition of Atlas major published in Amsterdam in 1667. The famous Blaeu’s firm was founded in 1596 by Willem Janzoon Blaeu (1571-1638) then continued by his two sons Cornelius (1616-1648) and Johannis (1596-1673). Their greatest cartographic achievement was the publication of the magnificent Atlas Major with 600 maps all finely engraved and embellished by elaborate […]

    • Author: BLAEU Johannis
    • Year: 1667
    • Dimension: 492 x 380 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Veromandus

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    Miniature map centered on Saint-Quentin in northern France. From “Theatro del Mondo” the famous plagiarised version of Ortelius’ pocket atlas published specifically for the Italian market by Pietro Marchetti. First printed in Brescia this is the really rare Venetian edition of 1667. [cod.189/15]

    • Author: MARCHETTI Pietro
    • Year: 1667
    • Dimension: 75 x 105 mm
    • Place of publication: Venice