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A particularly attractive pictorial map of Holland by anonymous author published in 1930 circa. This map is covered with vignettes describing major towns and landmarks along the roads. Includes decorative cartouche, compass rose and inset lovely views of Amsterdam, Scheveningen, Enkhuizen and Veere. Uncommon.

  • Author: Anon.
  • Dimension: 24 x 34 cm
  • Year: 1930


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Galeoni Olandesi

Navi Olandesi

Very fine and highly decorative etching showing Dutch ships from the famous Atlante Veneto by Coronelli published in Venice in 1690. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli is widely recognised as one of Italy’s most famous and greatest cartographers.

  • Author: CORONELLI Vincenzo Maria
  • Year: 1690
  • Dimension: 255 x 390 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice


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A fine miniature map of Holland from “Theatro del Mondo” the famous plagiarized version of Ortelius’ pocket atlas published specifically for the Italian market by Pietro Marchetti. First printed in Brescia this is the really rare Venetian edition of 1667. Italian text on verso.

  • Author: MARCHETTI Pietro
  • Year: 1667
  • Dimension: 75 x 105 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice
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Regni d’Olanda e Belgio

Uncommon and elegant Italian map by Filippo Naymiller showing The Netherlands published in Milan. Includes a second sheet of text embellished by vignettes of Amsterdam and Brussels engraved by Baldi. It provides really interesting geographical and statistical information of the Countries. The map was finely engraved by Pietro Allodi. From Atlante di geografia universale: cronologico, storico, statistico e letterario Milan, 1860 at Litografia Pagnoni.

  • Author: Filippo Naymiller, Francesco Pagnoni
  • Dimension: 32 x 42 cm
  • Place of publication: Milan
  • Year: 1860


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Royaumes de Neerlande et de Belgique

Detailed map of Belgium and Holland by Eduard Dumas-Vorzet from the famous Atlas Universel d’Histoire et de Geographie by Marie Nicolas Bouillet published in Paris in 1877.

  • Author: Eduard Dumas-Vorzet
  • Year: 1877
  • Place of publication: Paris
  • Dimension: 260 x 200 mm


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