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Nuova Carta Geografica dello Stato Ecclesiastico

Scarce map of the Jesuits Maire and Boscovich, resulting from their geodesic survey of the Rome-Rimini meridian published in 3 sheets in Rome in 1755. The important map was joined then dissected into 24 segments and mounted on linen. [cod.1053/15]

  • Author: BOSCOVICH Ruggiero – MAIRE Christopher
  • Year: 1755
  • Dimension: 670 x 1120 mm ca
  • Place of publication: Rome


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Romagne Marche Umbria

Uncommon regional map showing Emilia Romagna, Marche, Umbria San Marino and Lazio after the third independence war so it’s one of the first map with the new regional borde. The map was finely engraved by Pietro Allodi after a drawn by Filippo Naymiller. From Atlante di geografia universale: cronologico, storico, statistico e letterario. Milan, 1860 at Tipografia Pagnoni. Includes a second sheet of text providing really interesting geographical and statistical information on Rome, Bologna and the other cities of the Italian regions.

  • Author: Filippo Naymiller, Francesco Pagnoni
  • Year: 1860
  • Place of publication: Milan
  • Dimension: 43 x 33 cm


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Viaggio da Foligno a Fano per Loreto e da Foligno a Fano per il Furlo

Scarce little map showing the travel between two cities with the suggestion for nice places to stop. From “La vera guida per chi viaggia in Italia, con la descrizione di tutti i viaggi e le sue poste…” (well known because used by Goethe for his famous travel in Italy) published in Rome at Giunchi in 1787 by Francesco Tiroli. [cod.248/15]

  • Author: TIROLI Francesco
  • Year: 1787
  • Dimension: 165 x 115 mm
  • Place of publication: Rome


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