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Holy Land

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Carta della Terra Santa indicante il Viaggio degli Ebrei nel deserto

Uncommon and elegant Italian map by Filippo Naymiller showing the Holy Land colored by Tribes published in Milan. Inset plan of Jerusalem. The very interesting map shows also the route of the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt. Includes a second sheet of text embellished by vignettes engraved by Baldi providing really interesting geographical and biblical information of the area. The map was finely engraved by Pietro Allodi. From Atlante di geografia universale: cronologico, storico, statistico e letterario published in Milan, 1860 at Tipografia Pagnoni.

  • Author: Filippo Naymiller, Francesco Pagnoni
  • Dimension: 41,5 x 32 cm
  • Place of publication: Milan
  • Year: 1860


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Chorographia Palestinae, seu Sanctae. Delineavit Pater Cosmographus Vincentius Coronelli Venetus M.DCCXIV

Uncommon detailed map of Holy Land centered on Jerusalem. It is orientated with north to the left and based on Adrichom’s map of 1590. In the title Coronelli is granted as mapmaker but the nice map is from an unidentified work (perhaps an 8° french volume) because Coronelli never published a map of the Holy Land. Not in Laor.

  • Author: Anon.
  • Dimension: 21,5 x 49,5
  • Year: 1714


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