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    Detailed town plan of walled city of Bologna and surrounding countryside. Includes coat of arms. From the Padua edition of Francesco Scoto’s Itinerario d’Italia. Names major buildings, churches, etc. [cod.214/15]

    • Author: SCOTO Francesco
    • Year: 1670
    • Dimension: 175 x 120 mm
    • Place of publication: Padova
  • Four curious maps on one sheet showing the detailed scene of the battle between the allied and imperial army near Bologna, Modena Mirandola and on Panaro river. Published by Homann Heirs, perhaps in composite atlases as well as in separate sheets. The titles and keys to both maps are given in German and Italian. With striking original colour.

    • Author: HOMANN HEIRS
    • Year: 1743
    • Dimension: 560 x 470 mm
    • Place of publication: Nuremberg
  • Fine map of Bologna embellished by two cartouches. From the french edition of Atlas major published in Amsterdam in 1667. The famous Blaeu’s firm was founded in 1596 by Willem Janzoon Blaeu (1571-1638) then continued by his two sons Cornelius (1616-1648) and Johannis (1596-1673). [cod.015/15]

    • Author: BLAEU Johannis
    • Year: 1667
    • Dimension: 440 x 540 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • Detailed map of Bologna with the north to the left from the Gerardi Mercatoris et I. Hondii. Atlas Novus published in Amsterdam, 1638 at Jannsonius.

    • Author: JANSSON Jan
    • Year: 1657
    • Dimension: 430 x 525 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam