20th Century

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  • Uncommon anti-German propaganda postcard printed in occasion of the entry into the war of Italy during the first World War.
    The Empire Austro-Hungarian is depicted as an octopus that with its tentacles it subjugates various territories such as the Bohemia, Galicia, Trentino, Istria, Croatia Slavonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. On the left the explanation of the lovely anthropomorphic map: “Italians, if we do not want to become slaves of the hanger, let us all be united in one will and with one word: Outside the Germans!”. Published in Milan at La Zincografica in 1915.

    • Author: La Zincografica
    • Dimension: 9 x 14 cm
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1915
  • A beautiful colored pictorial map with inset map of Europe showing location of Nazi Germany, promoting tourism. Showing major cities, historical people and places of interest, agriculture, industry, sports, Berlin and 1936 Olympic Games. On verso map of Germany showing roads and railways, inset map of air routes, and text and tourist information. Drawn by Riemer and published in Berlin by Reichsbahnzentrale fur den Deutschen Reiseverkehr in 1941.

    • Author: Riemer
    • Dimension: 77 x 57 cm
    • Place of publication: Berlin
    • Year: 1941
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    Raffinato manifesto promozionale che mostra la regione francese della Normandia disegnato dall’artista e illustratore Remy Hetreau. La grande rappresentazione, pubblicata nel 1955 dal Governo Francese per promuovere il turismo nella zona, è dominata dal colore verde a sottolineare i sereni e rilassati paesaggi della regione turbati, solo per sottolineare la storicità dei luoghi, dalla presenza delle navi da guerra e dai riferimenti sulle spiagge dello “Sbarco di Normandia” del 6 Giugno 1944 durante la seconda…

    • Author: Remy Hetreau
    • Dimension: 65 x 100 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1955
  • A beautiful 1917 French propaganda postcard showing in a satirical manner the German territorial expansion in Europe in the form of an octopus.

    • Author: Varry
    • Dimension: 90 x 140 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1917
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    Rare pictorial Lucien Boucher’ map of France published by chemical company Les Mines de potasse d’Alsace. The lovely vignettes are focuzed on agricultural activities of each major cities of the Country. The map is embellished by title framed with decorative cartouche and company’s logo and a large compass rose. Published in Paris, 1950 at Chavane & Cie. Design by Lucien Boucher who is a famous commercial poster artist and illustrator born in Chartres in 1889…

    • Author: Lucien Boucher
    • Dimension: 89 x 53 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1950
  • Striking map of Varese by Umberto Zimelli highlighting the interesting places and typical products throughout the area drawn in typical futuristic manner. One of the most interesting and decorative map of this area in northern Italy.

    • Author: Umberto Zimelli
    • Dimension: 47,5 x 34 cm
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1949
  • mappa lago di Como Maggiore e Garda
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    An uncommon very fine art nouveau map of the Italian Lakes in Northern Italy
    • Dimension: 45 x 57 cm
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1930
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    Deliziosa carta geo-pittorica centrata sul Lago Maggiore che mostra anche il lago di Varese, d’Orta e di Lugano disegnata da Aldo Cigheri nel 1950. La mappa ricchissima di vignette, piccole illustrazioni, vedute ed elementi folklorostici mostra anche le principali vie di collegamento tra le città più importanti della zona. In basso a sinistra una legenda con i segni convenzionali e le principali attrazioni turistiche, naturali, santuari e luoghi meritevoli di una visita. Aldo Cigheri (1909–1995)…

    • Author: Aldo Cigheri
    • :
    • Year: 1950
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    Very rich and detailed brochure with pictorial map of the Rhineland. The cartoon map by Leo Faller provides a striking overview of whole Rhine valley and it extends from Kleve and Emmerich to Pforzheim. On verso text in English. An attractive and uncommon ephemeral item in excellent condition.

    • Author: Leo Faller
    • Dimension: 40,5 x 77,5 cm
    • Place of publication: Dusseldorf
    • Year: 1951
  • Wonderful decorative map of the French Alsace Wine Region, home of superb Rieslings and highly aromatic Gewürztraminer wines!

    A large very decorative promotional map of the French wine region of Alsace by Willy Fisher and A. Cordier published in Strasbourg at Michel in 1950. The pictorial map shows the various cities of the region with icons of the buildings, scenic areas, manufacturing and farming. All the major towns and cities also have their coat of arms. In the right large cartouche with Bacchus. Above the names of the wines.

    • Author: Willy Fischer
    • Place of publication: Strasbourg
    • Year: 1950
    • Dimension: 100 x 63 cm
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    Pictorial world map designed as gameboard by Lucien Boucher

    • Author: Lucien Boucher
    • Dimension: 50 x 65 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1947
  • Color pictorial map of Limousin and Marche covered with vignettes drawings of people and products of the province with explanation, representing region’s historical figures and events, resources, sights, churches, important buildings, people, activities, crops, etc. Includes decorative title cartouche and compass rose. Relief shown pictorially. Published by Ode Paris in 1951 from a drawn by Jaques Liozu.

    • Author: Jacques Liozu
    • Dimension: 490 x 340 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1951