Par Terre et par Mer


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A fascinating and intriguing map of the world as a board game, featuring 142 numbered squares that start and end in Paris. The map is adorned with vignettes showing flora, fauna, people, and distinctive places from around the world. It is further enriched by vibrant illustrations depicting natural phenomena like the aurora borealis, charming landscapes, and exotic ocean liners and airplanes following their routes. The four corners symbolize Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. Clocks at the top represent various time zones. All squares, except for 10 (St Domingo) and 140 (Amsterdam), which are replaced by 11 (Antilles) and 141 (London), allow for the doubling of points and are highlighted in blue. This map was published in Paris by Saussine in 1930.

The renowned Parisian publishing house Saussine thrived for a century, spanning from 1860 to 1960. Its founder, Léon Saussine, oversaw operations until his passing in 1896, after which his widow and children expanded and sustained the enterprise.
Léon Saussine, hailing from the Gard region of France, wed in Uzès in 1860 and worked as a traveling salesman. In 1870, Léon patented a magnetic game, and by 1878, at the Exposition Universelle, he presented himself as a manufacturer of cardboard board and educational games, including magnetic games, illustrated alphabets, atlases, constructions, cubes, and patience games.