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Premiere planches de l’Italie contenant ses principaux etats

A curious and atypical large folio map showing the whole Italy. Very detailed and annotated by a large number of notes and toponymies.
In the centre the title is in a fine and very decorative large cartouche embellished by putti, eagle and religious’ symbols. Below the title the sign and the address of the author. In the title there is also a mention to a “premiere planches”: perhaps Crepy intended to draw other maps for a serie but he never published other similar maps and also this one on Italy was never re-issued. Cartographically the important map seems based on De L’isle but only for the italian peninsula because, strangely, the Sardegna, Corsica and Sicilia are instead drawn on Magini’s prototype. On the left and right a listing of the most important cities and town with geographical coordinates.