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Nuova Guinea e Nuova Galles ed Isole Adjacenti

Important map of South Pacific showing the tracks and discoveries made by Captain Cook, 1768-1771 and include the first circumnavigation of New Zealand and the mapping of the eastern coast of Australia. Noted are also Wallis’s discovery of Tahiti, Carteret’s discoveries of Pitcairn Island and his rediscovery of the Solomons which the Spaniard Mendana had sighted in 1568. The large decorative vignette in the lower right containing a number of plants, sea shells, a native in a sailing vessel and a three masted ship which presumably is intended to be a representation Cook’s Endeavour. First published in Zatta’s “Atlante Novissimo” in 1776 with the different title “Nuove scoperte fatte nel 1765. 67. e 69 nel Mare del Sud”, this example comes from rare “Raccolta di tutti i viaggi fatti intorno al mondo da diverse nazioni dell’Europa” by Jean Pierre Berenger published in 1794-1796 illustrated with maps by the Venetian editor Zatta.
Compared with the maps in “Atlante Novissimo”, the title and date have been changed. The explanatory panel “La Nuova Galles…” in the lower left corner has also been deleted.
Cfr: Tooley, R.V. The Mapping of Australia. London 1979 1431. National Library of Australia 1611664