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[Morocco] Les anciennes mines du Maroc (de la préhistoire au XIXème siècle)

Interesting map of Morocco showing metal mines from prehistoric times to the 19th century.

Interesting map of Morocco showing the mines of gold, silver, iron, lead, zinc and other natural resources of the African state. The bilingual map published in French and Arabic is embellished by decorative vignettes with wild animals, artisans intent on working the iron, a whale and a sailing ship along the Atlantic coasts of Morocco and a large wind rose in elegant Arabic style. In the lower right-hand corner is the legend with the symbols of natural resources, while the entire left-hand side is dominated by the list of graphic symbols for reading the map, including communication routes, active and exhausted mines, and processing and export centres. Designed by cartographer Moussa Saadi, engraved by J.F. Arembourg and published by the Geological Survey of Morocco in 1975 for Elecro-Watt of Zurich.