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非常時国防一覧東亜太平洋地図 (East Asia Pacific Map / A National Defense View at a Special Time)

Interesting Japanese propaganda map centered on Pacific showing China, other East Asian countries, Russia, South East Asia, Australia, Pacific Islands and North America. It also includes many visual charts comparing the figures of army and navies of Japan, United States, Russia, and Great Britain. It also features the numbers of Japanese, living in each country or region and trading figures. This map shows the military and economic relations of Japan with other major countries and regions and illustrates the Japanese strategy for the Pacific of World War II 5 years before the official outbreak. Insets in the lower right detail Hawaii, including a large inset of Pearl Harbor, the Panama Canal, San Francisco, Manchuria, and Vladivostok. It was prepared by Kingu Henshūkyoku and published in Tokyo by Dai Nihon Yūbenkai Kōdansha, Shōwa 10 [1935]. Cfr. National Library of Australia, 4327962.