Carte Panoramique du Theatre de la Guerre en Italie


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Rare map of northern Italy during the Second War of Independence in 1859, drawn by Jean Beaugean. The large and highly decorative map is interesting from a graphic perspective, being one of the first perspective representations of the territory. Delamarre and Beaugean added profile views of the main cities and small bird’s-eye views to emphasize the walls and fortifications. The Italian and French flags are depicted on the sides of the map, along with the locations of the battles of Montebello, Palestro, Turbigo, Magenta, Melegnano, and Solferino. The decorative apparatus includes numerous sailing ships and steamboats in the Tyrrhenian and Adriatic Seas, as well as 22 small views of Italian and French cities. Published in Paris by Goyer lithography for the publisher B. Renault & c.