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    Separately issue version of Federico De Agostini  stunning map of Italy, first published in 1946 by Italgeo here in the Arti Grafiche Ricordi edition published in Milan, 1978. The illustrator of the pictorial map is Vsevolod Petrovic Nicouline: it shows vignettes of structures, nature, activities, products, crops and many towns and cities labeled. Embellished by elegant calligraphy, compass rose and a Neptune in the sea.
    Vsevolod Petrovic Nicouline (1890-1962) was a renowned Russian painter, printmaker, ceramicist, designer and illustrator born in the Ukraine in 1890. For a time he was with the Imperial Academy of Petersburg. His teaching career there was interrupted by the Bolshevik revolution. He was forced to flee and, after a daring journey, arrived in Constantinople accompanied by the Countess Bossalinie Aida who later became his wife. They survived in this city with menial jobs, and were finally able to join relatives in Genoa in 1920 where he held his first exhibition. In 1922 he moved to Nervi, opening a studio at the first Polish residence, meeting other Russian and Polish exiles. His years were rich in relationships, artists, and writers for whom he designed several books and arranged illustrations, commissions of portraits and more. In 1941 he was inaugurated into the Teatro Carlo Felice and designed sets for La Scala and the Metropolitan New York. He was an important illustrator of more than 100 children’s books.

    • Author: Federico De Agostini / Vsevolod P. Nicouline
    • Dimension: 80 x 64 cm.
    • Place of publication: Milan
    • Year: 1978
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    Grande carta geografica pittorica dell’Uruguay orientale disegnata dall’illustratore Jorge Elia e pubblicata a Montevideo nel 1978 presso la Escuela Artes Graficas Don Orione. Basata sui rilevamenti del Servizio Geografico Militare e del dipartimento Oceanografico e Idrografico della Marina la grande carta aveva lo scopo di riassumere attraverso deliziose vignette gli aspetti economici, sociali, statistici, culturali e turistici dell’Uruguay costituendo una fonte di informazione visiva e immediata per gli studenti delle scuole superiori.

    • Author: Jorge Elia
    • Dimension: 56 x 78 cm
    • Place of publication: Montevideo
    • Year: 1978