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    Relief map by S.J. Turner representing a bird’s eye view from space encompassing a wide swath of the globe from Italian Somaliland at the lower edge to Morocco and Italy at the upper edge of the map. Shows the political divisions in the Horn of Africa during Italy’s conquest of the region, railways. major cities, and rivers. Includes European possession in Africa. Published in London, 1938 for Daily Herald.

    • Author: S.J. Turner
    • Dimension: 69 x 47 cm
    • Place of publication: London
    • Year: 1938
  • Latvia pictorial map

    Scarce pictorial map of Latvia, published by the Ministry of Public Works division of Tourism illustrating the tourist attractions, natural wonders, roads, major buildings, historical details and points of interest of the country on Baltic Sea. The map is one of the liveliest and most interesting maps of Latvia published in this pictographic style, with vivid colors and fantastic images.

    • Author: Ministry of Public Works Division of Tourism
    • Dimension: 64 x 42 cm
    • Year: 1938