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italien in seine underschiedene Laender…

Striking map of Italy by J.G. Schreibern, with decorative cartouche, compass rose and descriptive text in the right. Based on Blaeu’s map of Italy of 1635. From “Atlas Selectus” first published in Leipzig in 1740. A fine old color example. [cod.1138/15]

  • Author: SCHREIBERN Johann George
  • Year: 1740
  • Dimension: 167 x 215 mm.
  • Place of publication: Lipsia


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Rare miniature view showing the siege of Trento from Andreas Lazarus’s “Historischen Bilder Saals Achter…Kayser Carolo VI…” published in Nuremberg in 1740 by J.L. Buggel. [cod.363/15]

  • Author: BUGGEL Johan Leonard
  • Year: 1740
  • Dimension: 85 x 58 mm
  • Place of publication: Nuremberg
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