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Brescia ou Bresse aux Venetiens

Important plan of the town from “Nouveau Theatre d’Italie….” by Pierre Mortier published in Amsterdam in 1724. In perfect condition. [cod.995/15]

  • Author: MORTIER Pierre
  • Year: 1724
  • Dimension: 470 x 575 mm
  • Place of publication: Amsterdam


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Rare, important plan of the town from published in Leida at Peter Van der Aa in 1724.

  • Author: VANDER AA Pieter
  • Year: 1724
  • Dimension: 355 x 455 mm
  • Place of publication: Leiden


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Fiorenza oder Florenz

Beautifull town plan view of Florence at the left and right side with a text about the city. Published in Bodenehr’s Curioses Staats und Kriegs Theatrum. Gabriel Bodenehr (1664 – 1758) was a copper engraver and publisher. In 1716 he bought the copper plates of Johann Stridbeck (1640 – 1716), revised and completed them with his own maps, views and plans, and published them in several works with different titles. [cod.103/15]

  • Author: BODENHER Gabriel
  • Year: 1724
  • Dimension: 175 x 275 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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