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  • Interesting and detailed map of Brescia are based on Sanson. From Nouveau Theatre de l’Italie by Covens and Mortier published in Amsterdam in 1705. decorative original colouring following as description in the top right corner the five divisions of the province: Val Camonica, Val Trompia, Val Sabbia, Riviera di Sal• and Brescia’s area.

    • Author: MORTIER Pierre
    • Year: 1705
    • Dimension: 504 x 570 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • View of Palermo from “Atlas Cureiux” published in Paris in 1705. [cod.474/15]

    • Author: DE FER Nicolas
    • Year: 1705
    • Dimension: 230 x 170 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris