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  • manifesto vintage italia
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    This intriguing poster titled “From The Tree Of Italy” was created in the mid-1950s by Lucia Autorino Salemme and issued by The Cultural Division of The Italian Embassy in the United States. English language text gives brief biographical information for dozens of eminent and historically important Italians in all fields including scientists and inventors, medicine, artist, theologians, explorers, philosophers, military leaders and more. All of these great sons and daughters of Italy are represented in…

    • Author: Lucia Autorino Salemme
    • Dimension: 88 x 56 cm
    • Place of publication: New York
    • Year: 1955
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    Richly decorated double hemisphere pictorial map of the moon by Michael Ramus issued by New York bank Merrill Lynch as a promotional hand-out to commemorate the first two manned lunar landings in 1969 on 20 July and 19 November, which were achieved by the Apollo 11 and 12 space missions. As the title implies, it combines accurately drawn and labeled maps of lunar craters and seas with whimsical illustrations. At the center is the Saturn V rocket, which launched the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins into space. At top depiction of three American presidents – Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy, whose administrations supported space exploration – soaring above the scene upon the back of a n eagle. From the eagle’s beak, a banner unfurls with astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase, “One small step for a man… one giant leap for mankind.”
    The moon is shown in two hemispheres representing the “Far Side” and the “Near Side” with the Apollo 11 and 12 landings illustrated on the “Near Side,” and the “Far Side” making note of the Russian lunar missions. The hemispheres are rendered with accurate topography while the so-called “seas” are filled with mythical sea creatures. Below the hemispheres are illustrations of various achievements in astronomy and flight, including Galileo observing the moon with a telescope and the transatlantic flights of the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindberg, as well as eccentric images, such as Halloween imagery and Romeo and Juliet (likely a reference to Juliet asking Romeo to “swear not by the moon”). A stock ticker tape stretches across the image as a reminder of Merrill Lynch’s investment opportunities.
    At bottom two cartouches describe how 1969 will be remembered and what is to be expected in 1970. One of the most interesting and famous Moon pictorial map. Ref: Hornsby (Picturing America) #158

    • Author: Michael Ramus
    • Dimension: 36 x 43 cm
    • Place of publication: New York
    • Year: 1969
  • Striking route map of the World designed by John Philip, published in New York by Pan American Airlines, as a promotional item. Shows all the routes around the world to which Pan Am flew in 1959, including connecting lines and Pan Am’s own lines. Art by Casanova Associated. Pan American World Airways, commonly known as Pan Am, was the principal and largest international air carrier and unofficial overseas flag carrier of the United States from…

    • Author: John Philip
    • Dimension: 44 x 80 cm
    • Place of publication: New York
    • Year: 1959
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    A rare decorative large pictorial map of Turkey showing the economic production activities and sites in the Country. Includes text, table of export production data, color illustration of national flag, and photographic illustrations of economic activities.
    Drawn by Liam Dunne (signed at bottom left) published in New York in 1950 circa.

    • Author: Liam Dunne
    • Dimension: 51 x 81 cm
    • Place of publication: New York
    • Year: 1950