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367 x 511 mm

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Brittanicarum Insularum Typus

Fine and early historical map of British Isles based on Mercator’s of 1564, improved by a new outline from Saxton’s 1579 map and ancient knowledge from Diodorus, Siculus, Plinius, Appianus, Tacitus, Cesar and Strabo. From the 1624 final edition by Balthasar Moretus of the first historical atlas ever published. Ortelius?s Parergon began as a companion to his Theatrum but eventually it became an independent work. In fact, this collection of maps of the ancient world was so significant that it beca

  • Author: ORTELIUS Abraham
  • Year: 1624
  • Dimension: 367 x 511 mm
  • Place of publication: Antewerp


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