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    Copper engraving from “Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto sulle osservazioni, e scoperte fatte dai piu’ celebri e piu’ recenti cartografi” by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1779. Very good condition with nice and decorative original colours. [cod.1171/15]

    • Author: ZATTA Antonio
    • Year: 1779
    • Dimension: 330 x 420 mm
    • Place of publication: Venice
  • Rare miniature map of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Mexico, Central America and Cuba. From the exceedingly rare “Neu aussgeffertigter kleiner Atlas” by J. Muller published in Franckfurt in 1702 at Johann Philip Andrea. Engraved with great care by G. Karsch e G. Bodeneher.

    • Author: MULLER Johann Ulrich
    • Year: 1702
    • Dimension: 70 x 80 mm
    • Place of publication: Frankfurt
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    Richly decorated double hemisphere pictorial map of the moon by Michael Ramus issued by New York bank Merrill Lynch as a promotional hand-out to commemorate the first two manned lunar landings in 1969 on 20 July and 19 November, which were achieved by the Apollo 11 and 12 space missions. As the title implies, it combines accurately drawn and labeled maps of lunar craters and seas with whimsical illustrations. At the center is the Saturn V rocket, which launched the Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins into space. At top depiction of three American presidents – Nixon, Johnson, and Kennedy, whose administrations supported space exploration – soaring above the scene upon the back of a n eagle. From the eagle’s beak, a banner unfurls with astronaut Neil Armstrong’s famous phrase, “One small step for a man… one giant leap for mankind.”
    The moon is shown in two hemispheres representing the “Far Side” and the “Near Side” with the Apollo 11 and 12 landings illustrated on the “Near Side,” and the “Far Side” making note of the Russian lunar missions. The hemispheres are rendered with accurate topography while the so-called “seas” are filled with mythical sea creatures. Below the hemispheres are illustrations of various achievements in astronomy and flight, including Galileo observing the moon with a telescope and the transatlantic flights of the Wright Brothers and Charles Lindberg, as well as eccentric images, such as Halloween imagery and Romeo and Juliet (likely a reference to Juliet asking Romeo to “swear not by the moon”). A stock ticker tape stretches across the image as a reminder of Merrill Lynch’s investment opportunities.
    At bottom two cartouches describe how 1969 will be remembered and what is to be expected in 1970. One of the most interesting and famous Moon pictorial map. Ref: Hornsby (Picturing America) #158

    • Author: Michael Ramus
    • Dimension: 36 x 43 cm
    • Place of publication: New York
    • Year: 1969
  • Early map of Turkey including Cyprus from the Mercator Hondius “Atlas Minor” published in Amsterdam in 1648 at Jannsonius with german text on verso. In 1607 Jodocus Hondius published a reduced size version of Mercator’s “Atlas”, itself suitably titled “Atlas Minor”. The maps were copied from those of the great cartographer Mercator of around 1580-90 or were reductions of Hondius’ own maps of 1606. Almost 20 years later Joannes Janssonius commissioned a new set of copperplates to be engraved by

    • Author: MERCATOR Gerard - HONDIUS Henricus
    • Year: 1648
    • Dimension: 190 x 135 mm
    • Place of publication: Amsterdam
  • An attractive miniature map showing detailed North America divided up into Mexico, the United States, Canada, Greenland and Russia Territory (Alaska). From popular Starling’s Victorian atlas “The Royal Cabinet Atlas, And Universal Compendium Of All Places In The Known World” published by Bull and Churton in London in 1833. The map is accompanied by a page of text giving the latitude and longitude of the major towns.

    • Author: STARLING Thomas
    • Year: 1833
    • Dimension: 90 x 145 mm
    • Place of publication: London
  • A fine map of North America with a lovely detailed depiction of the East Coast. A large lake is shown in present day Idaho. The interesting map was engraved with great care by James Barlow. Published in London in 1807.

    • Author: George Kearsley, James Barlow
    • Dimension: 18 x 21,5 cm
    • Place of publication: London
    • Year: 1807
  • A lovely and uncommon map of the world in two hemispheres published in Paris by the pharmaceutical laboratories Neutroses-Vichy in 1939 at Petit Jean. The French colonies around the world are in red.

    • Dimension: 310 x 210 mm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1939
  • The propaganda poster published in 1939 features a map of the world with Great Britain, France and the various colonies of both nations are highlighted in red. Germany is highlighted in black, whilst Central European areas under German control, including Poland, Austria and Czechoslovakia, are coloured with black diagonal lines. The slogan “Nous vaincrons parce que nous sommes les plus forts. Souscrivez aux bons d’armement” (We win because we are the strongest. Support good armaments)…

    • Author: M. Dechaux
    • Dimension: 58 x 78 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1939
  • Important map of South Pacific showing the tracks and discoveries made by Captain Cook, 1768-1771 and include the first circumnavigation of New Zealand and the mapping of the eastern coast of Australia. Noted are also Wallis’s discovery of Tahiti, Carteret’s discoveries of Pitcairn Island and his rediscovery of the Solomons which the Spaniard Mendana had sighted in 1568. The large decorative vignette in the lower right containing a number of plants, sea shells, a native…

    • Author: ZATTA Antonio
    • Dimension: 30 x 40 cm
    • Place of publication: Venice
    • Year: 1796
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    Detailed lovely map by Eduard Dumas-Vorzet showing Australia, New Zealand, and the island Pacific. From the famous Atlas Universel d’Histoire et de Geographie by Marie Nicolas Bouillet published in Paris in 1877.

    • Author: Eduard Dumas-Vorzet
    • Year: 1877
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Dimension: 260 x 200 mm
  • Map of Oceania and the Pacific Ocean region showing French, English, United States, Dutch, Japanese, Portuguese and Chilean possessions and colonies, depicted by colours. Shows shipping routes with distances between ports, capital cities and states. On verso a cover listing the publisher’s catalogue of the series. cfr: National Library of Australia, 6856870

    • Author: Girard et Barrère
    • Dimension: 51 x 66 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1912
  • Ostindien

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    Lovely engraved map based on the cartography by C. Franz Radefeld (1788-1874) showing India, Tibet, China and Southeast Asia. From the “Meyer’s Neuester Zeitungs Atlas” published by Bibliographischen Instituts in Hildburghausen in 1849-52. The innovation of this work is that almost all maps had small inserts showing richly detailed maps of major cities and their surrunding areas: so not only could travellers carry the atlas with them easily, they could also obtain an initial orientation to their

    • Author: MEYER Joseph
    • Year: 1849
    • Dimension: 265 x 210 mm
    • Place of publication: Hildburghausen