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United States – The Land and The People

Lovely pictorial map of the United States featuring information about the varied backgrounds of the citizens and the industries in different parts of the country. The very decorative promotional map issued for the Brussels Universal Exhibition of 1958 shown on America as a multi-national, multi-cultural nation. The map is covered with pictorial images of historical sites and Americans working and playing. Labels on each state show the principal national origins of the residents, for example, Danish, Dutch and German in South Dakota. Across the top are eight figures in stereotypical native clothing (kilt, sombrero, wooden shoes). Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska are shown as territories. At Bottom left the author’s signature. This map was issued as a folded map and it retains its folds.

  • Author: Mary Ronin
  • Dimension: 49 x 69 cm
  • Year: 1958


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This is a reduced version of John Smith?s map of the Chesapeake Bay region. It is the only regional map of North America to appear in the Atlas Minor. According to Burden this is the new plate used here for the first time with the small cartouche at top left. From the Mercator Hondius “Atlas Minor” published in Amsterdam in 1648 at Jannsonius with german text on verso. In 1607 Jodocus Hondius published a reduced size version of Mercator’s “Atlas”, itself suitably titled “Atlas Minor”. The maps

  • Author: MERCATOR Gerard - HONDIUS Henricus
  • Year: 1648
  • Dimension: 195 x 145 mm
  • Place of publication: Amsterdam


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