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Sardinia - Corsica

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Nice tinted lithograph by De Mercey showing Bastia taken from the sea. From a drawn of Ciceri. Published by Lemercier in Paris in 1840. [cod.1247/15]

  • Author: De MERCEY Frederic – CICERI Eugene
  • Year: 1840
  • Dimension: 370 x 235 mm
  • Place of publication: Paris


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Caliaris Sardiniae primaria Civitas

Rare copper engraving from “Nova et Accurata Italiae Hoderniae Descriptio” published in Leiden by Bonaventura e A. Elsevir in 1627. [cod.486/15]

  • Author: HONDIUS Jodocus
  • Year: 1627
  • Dimension: 176 x 245 mm
  • Place of publication: Leiden


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Copper engraved map of the island with north oriented to the left. Fully engraved with detail of rivers, mountains, cities and towns. The famous Blaeu’s firm was founded in 1596 by Willem Janzoon Blaeu (1571-1638) then continued by his two sons Cornelius (1616-1648) and Johannis (1596-1673). Their greatest cartographic achievement was the publication of the magnificent Atlas Major with 600 maps all finely engraved and embellished by elaborate cartouches, heraldic detail and especially by splendi

  • Author: BLAEU Johannis
  • Year: 1664
  • Dimension: 180 x 240 mm
  • Place of publication: Amsterdam


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D‚p.t de la Corse

A rare playing card showing Corsica. Below descriptive text on Isle. Published in Paris in 1780 ca. [cod.490/15]

  • Author: Anon.
  • Year: 1780 ca
  • Dimension: 80 x 130 mm
  • Place of publication: Paris


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Il cinque del seme degli Stati di Sardegna

The very rare card showing the card number 5 of the Kingdom of Sardinia (5 cities in Piedmont and Sardinia: Casale, Alba, Trino, Acqui Terme in Monferrato e Iglesias) providing some geographical information on rivers, lakes and towns (and their distance in miles to Rome).
Published by Nicholas De Poilly in Paris in 1763. A collector’s items.
From a pack of playing cards where the value of each card is indicated by the number of towns on it, and each suit by the colour. The court cards, bearing heads of kings, queens and knaves, have statistical details inside a panel of hanging drapery. Cfr. British Museum 1906,0723.36.1-51

  • Author: DE POILLY Nicholas
  • Year: 1763
  • Dimension: 60 x 80 mm
  • Place of publication: Paris


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Insula et Regnum Sardinia… Seutter

Very fine map of the Sardinia, with a large allegorical title cartouche with animals and landscapes and 2 fine engraved cartouches at the bottom corners incorporating the scale on the left and a coat of arms on the right. From Seutter’s Atlas Novus published in Augsburg in 1730 ca. [cod.086/15]

  • Author: SEUTTER Georg Matthaus
  • Year: 1730 ca.
  • Dimension: 500 x 570 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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Isola e Regno di Sardegna

Striking map of Sardinia from Corso Universale published in Venice in 1692. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli is widely recognised as one of Italy?s most famous and greatest cartographers. He received an ecclesiastical education at the convent of the Minor Conventuals and also studied theology in Rome. However, his interests in geography and cartography were awoken early in his ecclesiastical career and never suppressed. [cod.059/15]

  • Author: CORONELLI Vincenzo Maria
  • Year: 1692
  • Dimension: 600 x 458 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice


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L’Isola di Corsica divisa nelle sue Provincie.

Copper engraving from “Atlante Novissimo, illustrato ed accresciuto sulle osservazioni, e scoperte fatte dai piu’ celebri e piu’ recenti cartografi” by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1779. Very good condition with nice and decorative original colours.

  • Author: ZATTA Antonio
  • Year: 1779
  • Dimension: 310 x 400 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice


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Regnorum Siciliae et Sardiniae nova tabula – Homann

A very decorative map of Sicily and Sardinia from J.B. Homann’s Atlas Novus Terrarum published in Nuremberg in 1720. In the upper middle is a allegoric large cartouche with the title “Regnorum Siciliae et Sardiniae nova tabula?. Embellished by compass rose, vessels and in the lower left plan of Catania with the famous vulcan Etna erupting and in the right with La Valletta. [cod.087/15]

  • Author: HOMANN Johann Baptist
  • Year: 1720
  • Dimension: 580 x 500 mm
  • Place of publication: Nuremberg


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A fine miniature map of Sardinia from “Theatro del Mondo” the famous plagiarised version of Ortelius’ pocket atlas published specifically for the Italian market by Pietro Marchetti. First printed in Brescia this is the really rare Venetian edition of 1667. Italian text on verso. [cod.169/15]

  • Author: MARCHETTI Pietro
  • Year: 1667
  • Dimension: 75 x 105 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice


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