Benelux & Switzerland

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  • A very nice aquatint view by Gabriel Lory showing Mont Blanc glacier at the foot of a hill with a stream flowing from it and some bare rock in the foreground; two figures on the left of the mouth of the cave and three in the right hand foreground. Published in Paris at Osterwald in 1820.

    • Author: Gabriel Lory
    • Dimension: 25 x 28 cm
    • Place of publication: Paris
    • Year: 1820
  • Stunning prospect view of Luzern at the left and right side with a text about the city. Published in Bodenehr’s Curioses Staats und Kriegs Theatrum. Gabriel Bodenehr (1664 – 1758) was a copper engraver and publisher. In 1716 he bought the copper plates of Johann Stridbeck (1640 – 1716), revised and completed them with his own maps, views and plans, and published them in several works with different titles.

    • Author: BODENHER Gabriel
    • Year: 1725
    • Dimension: 280 x 150 mm
    • Place of publication: Augsburg
  • Very interesting engraved map compiled by Johann Jakob von Bors and Franz J. Heger, dissected and mounted on linen, showing the mail routes with distances measured in hours on horseback and hours with the stagecoach. The large map extending west to east from Paris to Cracau and north to south from Königsberg to upper Italy with the nice depiction of the important road from Venice to Turin via Milan, Bergamo and Brescia. Very decorative allegorical cartouches and lower left portions of map, key in French and German. Original colors in outline. In nice condition to be a separate publishing used in traveling. Published at Homann Heir in 1764 (dated). First Edition.

    • Author: Johann Jakob von Bors
    • Dimension: 75 x 95 cm
    • Place of publication: Nuremberg
    • Year: 1786