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Archi Ducatus Austriae … Oesterreich

The map of Austria engraved by G. Bodhener here from the very rare ?Der curiose und .. Nssliche Dollmetscher..? published in Augsburg in 1748 by Machenbauer. The map has decorative cartouche and a nice original colouring.

  • Year: 1748
  • Dimension: 240 x 170 mm
  • Place of publication: Augsburg


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Austria Archiducatus

Detailed map of Austria centered on the course of the river Danube, between Passau and Bratislava. From the Mercator Hondius “Atlas Minor” published in Amsterdam in 1648 at Jannsonius with german text on verso. In 1607 Jodocus Hondius published a reduced size version of Mercator’s “Atlas”, itself suitably titled “Atlas Minor”. The maps were copied from those of the great cartographer Mercator of around 1580-90 or were reductions of Hondius’ own maps of 1606. Almost 20 years later Joannes Jansso

  • Author: MERCATOR Gerard - HONDIUS Henricus
  • Year: 1648
  • Dimension: 190 x 145 mm
  • Place of publication: Amsterdam


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Austria Superiore

A beautiful very detailed map of whole Austria from Coronelli’s Corso Geografico Universale published in Venice in 1690. Includes coats of arms large decorative cartouche. Vincenzo Maria Coronelli is widely recognised as one of Italy?s most famous and greatest cartographers. He received an ecclesiastical education at the convent of the Minor Conventuals and also studied theology in Rome. [cod.068/15]

  • Author: CORONELLI Vincenzo Maria
  • Year: 1690
  • Dimension: 450 x 600 mm
  • Place of publication: Venice


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Austriae Ducatus seu Pannoniae Superioris

A nice example of rare Gerard De Jode map of Austria extending from Lintz in the west to Gratz and Volkmarkt in the south, Bratislava and the Neusiedler See in the east. It presents a distorted picture of the course of the rivers Drau, Mur, Gurk and Lavant with numerous spurious lakes.
The map is attributed to the work of Wolfgang Lazio. Strapwork title cartouche, scale of miles with dividers, and a coat of arms adorn the sheet. Published in Amsterdam in 1593 by Cornelis De Jode. One of the finest maps of Austria ever published.

  • Author: DE JODE Gerard
  • Year: 1593
  • Dimension: 378 x 522 mm
  • Place of publication: Antwerp


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Miniature map from “Neu aussgeffertigter kleiner Atlas” by J. Muller published in Franckfurt in 1702 at Johann Philip Andrea. Engraved with great care by G. Karsch e G. Bodeneher. Rare.

  • Author: MULLER Johann Ulrich
  • Year: 1702
  • Dimension: 70 x 80 mm
  • Place of publication: Frankfurt


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Oesterreich Ungarn

A particularly attractive pictorial map of Austria and Hungary by anonymous author published in 1930 circa. This map is covered with vignettes describing major towns and landmarks along the roads. Includes decorative cartouche with coat of arms, compass rose and inset lovely views illustrating historic architecture and interesting places. Uncommon.

  • Author: Anon.
  • Dimension: 24 x 34 cm
  • Year: 1930


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